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18 June 2018Anglo Saxon and Norman England-architecture and cultural change
09 July 2018The Paston Treasure
17 September 2018Treasures of the Black Tent: Antique Tribal Rugs and Dowry Weavings of the Persian and Central Asian Nomads
15 October 2018Worcester 1750-1900
19 November 2018The Seine Estuary: Capturing the 19th Century Imagination- Birthplace of Impressionism
10 December 2018The Queen of Instruments: The Lute in Old Master Painting
21 January 2019Classic Ground: Renaissance Gardens of Italy
18 February 2019Embroidered with Woodbine and Eglantine: Elizabethan Textile Furnishings
18 March 2019The Art and Architecture of St. Petersburg
15 April 2019Alchemy and Adventure: A history of Exotic Colours and Poisonous Pigments

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Anglo Saxon and Norman England-architecture and cultural change Nicholas Henderson Monday 18 June 2018

An oft forgotten and mysterious period in English History and architecture, but the legacy lingers and is with us visibly and linguistically to this day. An exploration into the great upheavals in society and community as reflected in architecture and cultural change that disrupted and formed two great English cultures.