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09 March 2017Appreciating Modern Art

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Appreciating Modern Art Lynne Gibson Thursday 09 March 2017

This will be our first 'study day' at the Ellendune centre where we shall be using the Spooncer suite.  Coffee will be provided on arrival, and there will be a hearty sandwich lunch. 

Lynne Gibson writes:

Modern Art is challenging to the viewer.  It is, undoubtedly, different from the classical art forms which are rooted in the Renaissance. Modern Art generally is agreed to have appeared as a major force in mid-19th century Europe with Paris as the epicentre.  Was this due to a handful of rebellious individuals such as Courbet, Manet or Picasso? Was it related more to the wider political and social changes sweeping through Europe? It certainly  gave rise to a number of 'isms'. So, during the day, we will look at Cubism, Impressionism. Expressionism and Conceptualism to name but a few! We will  explore some of the ideas behind these 'schools'; emerging feminism, socialism and capitalism for example.